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Think Bigger.

When “good enough” doesn’t get it done.

Think Bolder.

The Autonomous Digital Enterprise has arrived.

Think Next.

The future of HR, Facilities, and IT management is here.

Now Is So Yesterday.

The acceleration of change is driving rapid long-term opportunities for the modern enterprise. BMC delivers the promise of a brighter tomorrow, today. BMC is more than workflow management, it’s the backbone to a modern enterprise, unleashing the power of intelligent automation to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and obtain long-term scalable growth. From mainframe to the cloud experience industry-leading DevOps, Cloud Management and engaging customer and employee engagement, BMC advanced your business beyond workflows with the actionable insights your business deserves.



  • In-depth Application and Data Workflow Monitoring
  • Continually optimize workflow and resource consumption
  • Use AI to predict change risk to service and operations cross function



  • 360-degree service assurance with zero-touch
  • State-of-the-art, simplified patching for ease-of-use and rapid remediation of vulnerabilities
  • Automate compliance with regulations and internal policies to be always audit-ready



  • Machine learning powered insights and actions
  • Agile DevOps and SecOps simplified
  • Improve service value chain activities







Enterprises need to think bigger when it comes to IT and Operations service management. To succeed and increase revenue, organizations need to think beyond workflow management and embrace the power of intelligent automation that enables the organization to remediate and identify issues before they happen ensuring that are compliant, secure and ready to take on any challenge tomorrow may bring.

BMC’s industry-leading Helix platform and makes your data the catalyst for clarity and action. With intelligence-enriched, integrated service and operations management platform that uses the power of ML and AI to keep businesses running at peak performance. Organizations can rely on the BMC Helix platform delivers business-critical services in production on time, every time, while real-time anomaly detection, root cause isolation, and remediation lowers MTTR with automated event correlation and management while reducing noise.

Modernize your business with agile, scalable collaboration and deployments. Accelerate new business applications into production by embedding workflow orchestration into the CI/CD pipeline. Taking a job-as-code approach enables development and operations teams to scale collaboration and deployments to public cloud, private cloud and on-prem environments. Visibility into file transfers with integrated intelligent file movement and visibility keeps business moving efficiently while ensuring compliance and transparency to DevOps and Sec Ops teams.

Intelligent Experiences Achieved

Built for the cloud, BMC has reimagined the service and operations experience, and provides an intelligent, personalized and omnichannel experience with conversational and RPA bots. Taking a holistic approach to digital workplace means focusing more on getting things done, rather than continual integrations and management. BMC Helix is integrated with chatbot functionality out of the box, making it easy for end users to utilize services they need, when they need it. When we say cognitive intelligence, we mean it. By unlocking the potential of AI and automation, BMC Helix improves employee productivity and engagement and reduces costs—and becomes a foundation for superior employee experience.

Start Anywhere, Gain Intelligence Everywhere

With BMC Helix organizations can dynamically model all assets and dependencies automatically with up to 100% accuracy. Whether those assets reside across multi-cloud, hybrid, and on-prem environments, BMC Helix identifies hardware, software, and service dependencies enabling IT teams to fuller leverage AIOps and machine learning to perform anomaly detection, cost optimization and service management. All of this can be done with a start anywhere application modeling. Discovering dependencies from any starting point, means IT mapping is never starting over, instead start from any point or any hardware or software asset regardless of location.

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